Modelling Energetic Solar Heavy Ions - An Extension to SEPEM

by Pete Truscott and Daniel Heynderickx

The Solar Energetic Particle Environment Modelling (SEPEM) system provides a very comprehensive, web-based environment to allow the analysis and processing of solar particle data, and the development/application of proton statistical models and effects analysis tools to support space mission design. However, it is currently not possible to predict using SEPEM the solar particle environment for ions other than protons, despite heavy ions presenting an important risk to the operation of modern space-borne microelectronics through single event effects. The ESA Energetic Solar Heavy Ions Environment Models (ESHIEM) Project is developing new solar heavy ion reference data and statistical models which may be used by spacecraft engineers to predict the radiation threat to future spacecraft from alpha particles and heavier ions (Z=2 to 92). Ultimately the new data and models will form part of SEPEM system, and will include tools to treat near-Earth orbits, including geomagnetic shielding effects, and the effects of material shielding against the ion environment.

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