Space weather activities at the UK Met Office

by Suzy Bingham

In response to the Government adding solar storms to the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies in 2011, the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) was created to provide a UK operational space weather prediction centre to help protect the country from the serious threats posed by space weather events.

MOSWOC provides 24/7 forecasts, alerts & warnings. Forecasts are available from the following webpage:

Met Office space weather scientists & the IT team ensure that advisors receive space weather model data through an operational system. The long-term goal of the research group is to couple together models to provide a "Sun to Earth" prediction system. Space weather forecaster training is provided at the Met Office College.

The Met Office collaborates with a number of partners in the US including NOAA SWPC. In the UK the Met Office works with a range of partners including Science & Technology Facilities Council, British Geological Survey, University of Bath, RAL Space, British Antarctic Survey & several other universities & research organisations to transfer data, knowledge and models into the Met Office to support our operational forecasting.

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