Space Weather Tutorial
What is Space Weather, J. Luntama
Space Weather Effects and Applications, E. Daly
Quiz, P. Vanlommel

Session 1
The Potential Role of WMO in Space Weather, Lafeuille, J.
US SSA Activities Related to Space Weather and Potential Opportunities for US/European Collaboration , Hand, K.
Space Weather Effects on Military Assers: an Independent View, Blin, Y.
Some Ionospheric Effects on Ground Baed Radar, Adam, J.P.
Thermosphere Measurement Requirements for Survey and Tracking Activities, Aylward, A.
Space Weather and Space Surveillance Correlations within the Future European SSA System, Donath, T.
Space Situational Awareness Study on Governance and Data Policy: the Case of Space Weather, Pasco, X.
Overview of ESA's Space Situational Awareness Programme Proposal, Bobrinsky, N.

Session 2
Galileo Local Component for the Detection of Atmospheric Threats, Lazaro, D.
The CEDEX Radiation Monitor - Experience in a Galileo Orbit , Taylor, B.
Observations of the Galileo Radiation Environment from the MERLIN and SREM Instruments , Rodgers, D.
Space Weather Application Center Ionosphere - new capabilities for GNSS users, Jakowski, N.
Modelling the Ionosphere over Europe: Investigation of NQuick Formulation, Bidaine, B.
The Influence of Space Weather on High Precision Positioning in the Nordic Region , Jonsson, Bo.
Effects of Ionospheric Events on Satellite Navigation Systems as Used for Aviation , Lipp, A.
Galileo Local Component for the Detection of Atmospheric Threats, Warnant, R.
Total Electron Content Monitoring using Triple Frequency GNSS Data: A Three-Step Approach, Spits, J.

Session 3
Offshore Directional Drilling and Magnetic Surveying, Gjertsen, M.
How the Geomagnetic Field Effects Positioning Of Wellbores for Petroleum Production, Torkildsen, T.
Estimation of Geomagnetic Field Values for Directional Drilling , Kerridge, D.
External Magnetic Field Variations and Aeromagnetic Surveys - Experiences, Problems, and Potential Solutions, Watermann, J.

Session 4
Developing the Space Weather Modeling Framework,van der Holst, B.
SOLPENCO: An Ongoing Example of the Transition from Scientific models to Prediction Tools , Aran, A.
Dynamic Model of the Plasmasphere, Pierrard, V.
Operational implementation of the SWIF model in DIAS system, Tsagouri, I.
Developing Systems for Ionospheric Data Assimilation: Making a Quantitative Comparison between Observations and Models , Bushell, A.
Transitioning the CMIT Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model for Real-Time Space Weather Forecasting, Millward, G.
Towards the Development of a Statistical Dynamic Radiation Belt Model,Benck, S.
Modelling storm-time Magnetospheric Currents and their Effect on the Near Earth Magnetic Field , Vennerstrom, S.

Session 5
European Resources for Space Weather Applications: An Overview of Existing and Planned Data, Tools and Services, Van der Linden, R.
The EURIPOS Project: European Research Network of Ionospheric and Plasmaspheric Observation Systems, Belehaki, A.
New Space and Solar Weather Results Obtained by R3DE Instrument on EuTEF Platform of ISS in 2008, Dachev, T.
SuperDARN Real Time Products for Space Wheather, Amata, E.
A Tool for Alerting of Large Dst Variations, Cid, C.
The Perspective of Virtual Observatories Supporting Space Weather Research and Operations , Fox, P.
HELIO - The Heliophysics Integrated Observatory, Bentley, B.
New FP7 Program ULISSE, Rothkaehl, H.
AMDA, Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis: A Web-Based Service Provided by the CDPP, Jacquey, C.
Spectre: A Web Service for Ionospheric Products, Crespon, F.
Development of a Real-Time GIC Simulator, Boteler, D.

Session 6
Recept Developments in the Study of Solar On-disk Sources of Space Weather,Veronig, A.
Computer Aided CME tracking (CACTus) for space weather monitoring , Berghmans, D.
The Analysis of Solar Radio Weather Events Affecting Radio Communications: Key Issues , Messerotti, M.
Recent Developments in our Understanding of Solar Energetic Particles, Klein, K-L.
Forecasting the Arrival of Coronal Mass Ejections and Shocks at the Earth,Vrsnak, B.
Space Weather User Needs Related to Solar Observations, Daly, E.
Scientific Understanding and the Risk from Extreme Space Weather, Hapgood, M.

Splinter sessions
Space Weather Indices and Proxies: Daytime ULF wave intensity index - space weather relevant? - Wrap up
SOTERIA: WP2 - Heliosphere and terrestrial effects, WP4 - WP5
Data and application services:SEISOP - Wrap up
Space Weather and Health Issues: Introduction
SWENET: Wrap up
SWWT Topical Groups: Ground effects - Ionospheric Effects - Atmospheric Effects