Social Program

Monday, Nov 17: keynote lecture and welcome reception
We have the honour of inviting you to the opening reception of the Fifth European Space Weather Week on Monday 17th November, 2008. This year's keynote lecture will be A European Weathering Space in a Week in Dec 2006, given by the ESA astronaut Dr Christer Fuglesang at 18:30 in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
Dr Fuglesang holds a doctorate in experimental particle physics from the University of Stockholm. He has worked on particle detectors at CERN and is an Affiliated Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
Dr. Fuglesang joined the ESA Astronaut Corps in 1992 and flew as a mission specialist on board the Space Shuttle Discovery flight STS-116 to the International Space Station from 9th to 22nd December 2006. He is the first Swedish astronaut to fly in space. During his mission, named Celsius, Dr Fuglesang participated in two "spacewalks" to attach new hardware to the Space Station and to reconfigure the Station's electrical power system. He was later assigned to participate in an extra unscheduled spacewalk to help free the Station's P6 solar array which had become jammed during retraction. His total spacewalk time was 18 hours 14 minutes. He continues to keep an active interest in particle physics and has collaborated on ISS experiments and simulation studies related to cosmic radiation and effects.
Dr Fuglesang has been assigned as a mission specialist on the 11-day STS-128 mission to the International Space Station, currently scheduled for launch on 30th July 2009.
The lecture will be followed by a welcome reception in the impressive dinosaur gallery, which participants are welcome to visit.

The lecture will be followed by a welcome reception in the form of several buffets offering a variety of food. Participants have also the opportunity to pay a visit to the famous Dinosaur Gallery.

Practical arrangements: bus transport is foreseen from the Royal Library to the museum. We will guide you to the bus that will leave immediately after the end of session 1.

Tuesday, Nov 18: beer-tasting
Together with the fair and the postersession, a beer-tasting event is offered. One cannot leave Belgium without tasting a few of them. You can enjoy several kinds of beer: trappist, fruity beers, local beers together with some bread and cheese.

Thursday, Nov 20: Conference Dinner
We go to aux armes de Bruxelles in the neighborhood of 'la grand-place'/'de grote markt'. It is typically Brussels: a mingle of Dutch and French, good food and a nice setting.