Humain Radioastronomy Station

Royal Observatory of Belgium


Current instruments

CALLISTO Observations

A CALLISTO receiver was set up in Humain on May 27th 2008. Data have been so far collected and are available for science. Following the link below, you will be able to browse the CALLISTO archives.

Humain CALLISTO archives:  access

Alternatively, you might want to access the whole CALLISTO network archives. This link also provides access to data from other solar spectrographs operated or built by the ETH Zurich institute.

Softwares to process the CALLISTO data are also available on the ETHZ website. There exists in particular a quicklook java tool and a branch of the Solarsoft library (IDL required) to produce paper quality figures (see explanations).

Daily overview of solar activity

You can have an overview of the solar activity of the day, in radio, and compared with GOES. Check here

Archive of burst detection

You can browse through the list of detected bursts. Check here

Decommissioned instruments

408 MHz radioheliograph

To be soon available

600 MHz flux monitor

To be soon available

Last update : September 6 2017
Project funded by the Solar Terrestrial Center of Excellence (STCE). Contact: Christophe Marqué

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