Why to detect  EIT waves on STEREO ? 

CMEs and flares are the principal objects of automatic investigation and cataloguing. However, in the last decade or so, EUV solar imaging from space have revealed a rich diversity of solar disk events, such as dimmings, global waves, post-eruptive arcades, long duration flares and so on. A part of these phenomena that precede CME are called On-Disk-Eruptions (OnDsE).


  • Unsolved questions:
  •     Which fundamental physics is behind the recently discovered "EIT wave"?

  •      What is its 3D structure?

  • Space weather interest:      

  •       EIT waves observed on the solar disk are likely to be precursors of the Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejections (CME).


                     quiet sun conditions


      Quasi-circular EIT wave         

                        Halo CME

They strongly affects ionospheric and magnetospheric conditions on the Earth, e.g. communications. The earliest possible alert

is required for real-time geoeffectivness computation.


  •   Requires an advanced  technological approach  

  •     Intensive data pipe (up to 6 images per minute for coming missions)                             

  •     Huge phenomenological diversity of events

  •     Signal weakness on top of dynamical backgrounds

Some more EIT waves examples:


       NW-SE elongated;       


interacting with Active Regions;

   Faint wave on Active Sun                    etc...