Public seminars

Friday, april 27th, 2001
Planetarium, Heizel, Brussels

Real SOHO images of the Sun on the left, combined
with an artist impression of the Earth magnetosphere on the right.

The SIDC actively participates in the Sun-Earth Connection Day, a world-wide ESA/NASA event to promote the public awareness of the dynamics of our Sun, the resulting Space Weather and its influences on Earth.

19h30 - 20h30:
Du Soleil a la Tere: 5 ans de meteo spatial pour la mission SOHO,
Dr. Frederic Clette (French)

20h30 - 21h30:


Registration at the secretariat of the Planetarium: 02/4747050 or 02/4747060

Scientific information: Contact-persons at Plateau
Frederic Clette : 02/3730233 (French)
David Berghmans : 02/3730559 (Dutch)

Announcement in French
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