July 23: A major (X4.8) flare & A prominence eruption played in two acts

The complex (beta-gamma-delta) Catania sunspot group #35 (NOAA 39), suspected to have produced the X3.3 flare of July 20 (BBSO movie) and a number of backsided full halo CMEs such as the one of July 16, struck again on July 23 producing an X4.8 tenflare (TRACE movie) with X-ray flux peaking at 00h35UT. The fast halo CME associated to this event is expected to strike Earth on July 25.

First act of prominence eruption: on the North West limb, the western part of the prominence rises and erupts into a CME around 3h30UT.


Second act of prominence eruption: it is the turn of the middle part to erupt into another CME around 18h30UT. See an H-alpha movie (BBSO) of that eruption.