Big heat, big freeze
After the turbulent period beginning of November 2004, the solar activity cooled down considerably. No flares reaching the M/X level or halo CMEs were reported in recent days.  
Nederlandstalige versie /Version franaise posted: November 16, 2004
From November 3 until November 10, sunspot group 61 (NOAA 0696) produced an impressive list of flares and halo CMEs.  The picture on the left taken by the MDI-instrument onboard of SOHO, shows the Sun in visible light. The big black spot in the center of the disk is the nr 61, responsible for all excitation including halo-cme-alerts, severe geomagnetic storms, aurora, ...

November 13, the group turned out of view and disappeared behind the westlimb. Today, November 16 (figure on the right), the solar disk looks much more simple resulting in low flaring activity and no CMEs.

The Sun continues again the road to solar minimum!