Drop of X-radiation
Since Oct 21, the X-radiation dropped below the A-level. After the turbulent presence of the big sunspot 37/0808 during September, the Sun is taking a break. The 'All-quiet-alert' that was broadcast since wednesday is still valid.
Nederlandstalige versie /Version franaise posted on Oct 28, 2005

The earth-orbiting satellites GOES10/12 measure the X-radiation coming from the Sun. This radiation is plotted above as function of time for two periods: Sep 9-Sep 11 and Oct 26-Oct 28. Click on the graphs to enlarge. There is a dramatic difference between the plots. In September, it seemed that the Sun lost its track to minimum when it fired several X-flares and CMEs hurled into space. Today, hardly any A-flare is seen. For sure, it makes our task as a forecaster much easier and more relaxed.