Space Weather and the Earth's Climate
What are the influences &
What is the effect of an unusually deep solar minimum?
posted: Nov 09, 2009
The modulation of Earth's climate by solar activity has long been a subject of great interest in the specialist scientific community. That interest has become much stronger in recent years because it is an important contribution to the wider scientific and political debate on climate change.
During the sixth European Space Weather Week, we will address these topical issues in a one-hour scientific debate.

The panel members:
  • Prof. Henrik Svensmark: effects of cosmic rays on cloud formation.
  • Prof. Mike Lockwood: broad expertise in solar influences and in solar physics.
  • Prof. Kalevi Mursula: expert in long-term changes in the Sun and its effects in the heliosphere and in the near-Earth space and climate.
The debate is moderated by Dr Stuart Clark, a science journalist and author of a book on the grandfathers of space weather 'The Sun Kings'.
The debate is open to the press, the public and the scientific community.
Practical information can be found on the esww6 debate webpage and on the e-invitation