The annual STCE meeting
posted: April 23, 2012
Also in 2012, the STCE members meet to discuss the issues that keeps them busy. The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence is by definition a collaboration project between three scientific institutes: BIRA-IASB, RMI and ROB. The centre bundles and enforces the science and applications about the Sun, space and the Earth environment. : science, instrumentation, applications, theoretical research. This year, the STCE members decided to discuss 4 topics: On May 31, a wrap up of these workshops will be presented during the annual meeting. As an appetizer, we will present you the story of PROBA2. The PROBA2 project started as a written document in 2002, got approved, was the subject of many discussions among theoreticians, IT'ers, ingenieurs, scientists, technicians, was build, sent to space end 2009 and is still monitoring the Sun and performing exciting science as you can see in this movie of a spectacular filament eruption on April 20 (click on the picture to see a movie).