Flying objects at ESWW10
posted: December 05, 2013

390 scientists, satellite and network operators from 36 countries worldwide gathered in Antwerp from November 18-22 to discuss the theme Space Weather during the tenth edition of the European Space Weather Week (ESWW). During this international congress, they addressed the question how vulnerable and at the same time how resilient the society is during severe space weather. Research into the causes of solar storms, the strategic organization of the data charts of the Sun, space, the Earth and its environment, as well as the continuous space weather monitoring should help them to find an appropriate answer on the threat and impact of space weather.

The conference got the label 'successful', if we might believe the participants twitters and comments. A few:
A new conference for my top: ESWW10 was a nice one! With fruitful discussions till the last second and lots of projects ahead!
Outstanding turnout for our Solar Flare Prediction session at European Space Weather Week ESWW10. Lots of questions and great discussion!
Very interesting to see many, many women, and lots of young scientists at ESWW10
2nd day in full swing at ESWW10 and I already have a brain full of ideas/information to follow up next week! Still 3 1/2 days to go!

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