Cruise the sun-earth system with STAFF
posted: December 12, 2014

If you are looking for solar, solar wind, and earth environment data at a glance and you want to see them on a timeline, even if you are not a computer expert: STAFF has it all.

STAFF is a dynamic online timeline viewer which allows you to plot and compare data with a few mouse clicks. The data includes x-ray, sunspots, radio measurements, proton and electron flux near Earth, solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field parameters, geomagnetic and ionospheric data, and readings from EUV solar images.
The nice thing is that you can increase the number of data points if you want higher time resolution. You can zoom in just like that. Or you can let the program choose the optimal sample interval for your desired timespan. You can make your science graphs even more exciting by picking your favourite colour!

Start your 2 dimensional cruise through the sun-earth system: