Open Doors of Sept 17-18
The Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Meteorological institute and the Belgian institute of Space Aeronomie welcomed on Sept 17 and 18 around 10.000 visitors. Around 800 people had a look at the solar telescope of the SIDC.
Nederlandstalige versie /Version franaise posted on Sept 23, 2005

Two days in a row, scientists working at the SIDC explained people about their work on sunspots, solar activity, space weather and the sun in general. The Sun gave a helping hand by being very active the week before. So, we had some news to tell to the visitors, especially about the big group producing a X17 flare, fourth in rank since 1976. Despite the sunny weather, the group was not visible anymore with the naked eye as it shranked in size just before the open doors. The visitors could witness the group life as the telescope was capable of magnifying and capturing it.

The tours were a success. It was really encouraging to see so many enthousiastic people showing interest in the telescope and space weather.