A typical day for Professor David
Professor David answers your questions
Ah ! Here comes Professor David.
- Good morning Professor, would you like to answer some questions related to the telescope?
- Good morning, yes of course.
- How old is the telescope?
- The telescope was built in the 50s and completed around 1957 in view of the International Geophysical Year. It was then a fully automated (electromechanical) photographic instrument.
- And how much does a telescope like that cost?
- I don't know, but this must cost several hundreds of thousand of euros, without counting the dome and the building.
- What is the magnification of the projected image?
- As it is a projected image, you cannot speak about magnification. The image simply has a diameter of 25 cm and with the 15 cm objective, this gives about a 2 arcsec resolution at best (limited by atmospheric seeing). This translates into 0.25 mm for the finest details in the image. The Earth would be about 2.5 mm at the same scale.
- Thank-you very much Professor, we let you now continue with your work
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