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Archive of raw sunspot group counts: information

Data are arranged in chronological order of date. Observations from multiple observers on the same date are listed in successive lines. Dates without any observation are included but with a 0 data flag and -1 group number.
The identification key for observing stations can be found here, and information about the differences compared to the original Hoyt and Schatten archive can be found here.

Column 1: year of the observation

Column 2: month of the observation

Column 3: day of the observation

Column 4: station identifier. The list of stations is given in file GNobservers_JV_V1-12.txt. 0 indicates no data or to be ignored.

Column 5: data flag. 1 if data are available, else 0 for dates without observations.

Column 6: number of groups. -1 indicates no data.