Welcome to the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC), which is the solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The SIDC includes the World Data Center for the sunspot index and the ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.


Solar X ray flux remained below B level.
The newly numbered region (NOAA 2702) has remained quiet and appears
Solar X-ray flux is still expected to remain below C level.

No Earth directed CMEs have been observed in coronagraph data.

Proton flux levels were at background values and are expected to remain

Solar wind remained enhanced with solar wind speed between 475km/s and 525
km/s. Total magnetic field was mainly nominal with a maximum of 7nT. The
magnetic field phi angle seems to have switched into a positive sector at
the start of the period.
Enhanced solar wind conditions are expected to continue at least today
before beginning to subside.

Geomagnetic conditions were quiet to unsettled (local K Dourbes and NOAA Kp
Active geomagnetic conditions could still occur today and into tomorrow.

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