Welcome to the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC), which is the solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The SIDC includes the World Data Center for the sunspot index and the ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.

Solar Eclipse, March 20, 2015


No C-class or even B-class flares were reported during in the past 24
hours. Four sunspot groups reported today have rather simple configurations
of the photospheric magnetic field. Unless active regions behind the east
limb become flare-productive, a C-class flare is unlikely, although still
The Earth is currently inside the trailing part of the ICME driving the
shock wave that arrived at the Earth yesterday morning. The interplanetary
magnetic field inside the ICME reached 18 nT, but due to its predominantly
northward direction the geomagnetic conditions remained on the quiet to
unsettled level. The ICME speed is low (up to 450 km/s), so we expect quiet
geomagnetic conditions in the coming hours. The solar source of the ICME is
not clear. Late on April 2 we expect the arrival of a fast flow from a
trans-equatorial coronal hole that reached the solar central meridian late
on March 30, possibly resulting in a geomagnetic disturbance up to the
minor storm level (K = 5). 

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