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Solar activity was at very low levels. No significant flares have been
recorded. NOAA Active Region 2757 (N03E09) showed some sunspot growth and
continued flux emergence and produced A-flaring activity over the period
(GOES-16). Another active region with possible spot development has also
rotated over the eastern limb (S30E70).
A very slow and narrow Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that may be Earth
directed was observed by STEREO-A at 17:54 Jan 25, possibly associated with
an extended A-flare at 15:00 from AR2757. There are currently no LASCO
observations for this time, however, due to the extremely slow speed it is
not expected to have a significant geomagnetic impact. Further analysis
will be carried out as the data becomes available. The greater than 10 MeV
proton flux was at nominal values. 
Solar activity is expected to remain at very low levels.

The solar wind speed was at background levels, ranging between 260 and 350
km/s (ACE). The total magnetic field fluctuated between 0 and 7 nT. Bz. The
interplanetary magnetic field (phi angle) was predominantly directed away
from the Sun (positive sector). 

Geomagnetic activity was quiet, with the Kp index (NOAA) and the local k
index (Dourbes) recording values of between 0 and 2. Quiet conditions are
expected on Jan 26-28.

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