Welcome to the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC), which is the solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The SIDC includes the World Data Center for the sunspot index and the ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.


There are no sunspot regions on the visible hemisphere of the Sun and
flaring level is very low. The chance for a C flare in the next 24 hours is
estimated at 5%.

No Earth-directed Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) were observed in available
coronagraphic imagery.

The greater than 10 MeV proton flux was at nominal levels in the past 24
hours, and is expected to stay at nominal levels in the next 24 hours.

The solar wind speed (recorded by DSCOVR) gradually decreased from about
550 to 470 km/s in the past 24 hours. The Interplanetary Magnetic Field
(IMF) was directed mainly toward the Sun and its magnitude ranged between
about 0 and 9 nT. Bz was often below -5 nT between 22:40 UT on February 23
and 00:20 UT on February 24, and between 01:30 UT and 02:50 UT. On February
24, 25 and 26 the solar wind is expected to be at nominal levels, possibly
with occasional periods of enhanced solar wind as the Earth comes close to
the high speed stream associated with the negative polarity south polar
coronal hole.

Quiet to active geomagnetic conditions (K Dourbes between 1 and 4; NOAA Kp
between 2 and 3) were registered in the past 24 hours. Quiet to unsettled
geomagnetic levels (K Dourbes < 4) are expected for February 24, 25 and 26,
with a chance for active intervals (K Dourbes = 4).

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