Uccle Solar Equatorial Table - USET

Observing the eclipse from Earth

In Uccle, the eclipse will start at 09:27 Local Time, maximum at 10:34 LT, and ends at 11:45 LT.

The clouds however obstructed our view. We could capture only one, but very nice white light image shown below.

White light
H-alpha - but not from the eclipse
Ca IIK - but not from the eclipse
Webcam - real time

The images above are taken by the USET telescopes in white light (the 'solar surface'), in blue light (Calcium IIK, 393.3nm), and in red light (Hydrogen-alpha, 656.3nm) of the solar spectrum. The latter two show the inner atmosphere of the Sun at resp. about 1000 and 1500 km above the solar surface. In Uccle, the eclipse starts at 09:27:16 Local Time, maximum will be at 10:34:28LT, and the eclipse ends at 11:45:24LT. In Uccle, the Moon will cover 83 percent of the solar diameter. In H-alpha and Ca IIK, the eclipse may start slightly sooner and ends slightly later, as the Moon will cover higher parts of the solar atmosphere. In Ca IIK and H-alpha, sudden increases in brightness on the solar surface may indicate a solar flare. The lunar limb is always extremely sharp, but irregular, due to the mountains and valleys on the lunar surface. The USET webcam may display the gradual decrease and then increase of light over the Space Pole in Uccle.

Remark : Belgian Local Time (LT) = Universal Time (UT) + 1 hour