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A list of all EUI papers (refereed/non-refereed, pre/post-launc) is maintenaned in the EUI NASA ADS library. The following papers in international refereed journals have used EUI data (reverse chronological order):

35. Ultra-high-resolution Observations of Persistent Null-point Reconnection in the Solar Corona 
X. Cheng et al 
Nature Comm. 2023 

34. Evidence for external reconnection between an erupting mini-filament and ambient loops observed by Solar Orbiter/EUI 
Zhuofei Li, et al  
AA, 2023 

33. Slow solar wind sources: High-resolution observations with a quadrature view 
K. Barczynski, L. Harra, C. Schwanitz, et al 
AA, 2023 (accepted) 

32. Three Eruptions Observed by Remote Sensing Instruments Onboard Solar Orbiter 
Mierla, M. et al  
Sol. Phys. 2023 

31. A Statistical Study of Short-period Decayless Oscillations of Coronal Loops in an Active Region 
D. Li and D. Long 
ApJ 2023

30. Multi-stage reconnection powering a solar coronal jet 
D. Long et al, 
ApJ, 2023 (accepted)

29. Temperature of Solar Orbiter/EUI quiet-Sun small-scale brightenings: Evidence for a cooler component 
A. Dolliou et al 
AA, 2023

28. What drives decayless kink oscillations in active-region coronal loops on the Sun? 
S. Mandal et al 
AA, 2022

27. High frequency decayless waves with significant energy in Solar Orbiter/EUI observations 
E. Petrova, N. Magyar, T. Van Doorsselaere, D. Berghmans 
ApJ 2022, accepted

26. Signatures of dynamic fibrils at the coronal base: Observations from Solar Orbiter/EUI 
S. Mandal et al  
Astron Astroph, 2022

25. The Eruption of 22 April 2021 as observed by Solar Orbiter: continuous magnetic reconnection and heating after the impulsive phase 
L. Rodriguez, A. Warmuth, V. Andretta et al 
Sol Phys, 2022

24. Solar Orbiter and SDO Observations, and Bifrost MHD Simulations of Small-scale Coronal Jets 
Navdeep K. Panesar, Viggo H. Hansteen, Sanjiv K. Tiwari, Mark C.M. Cheung, David Berghmans, Daniel Mueller 
ApJ, 2022 (accepted)

23. A Statistical Comparison of EUV Brightenings Observed by SO/EUI with Simulated Brightenings in Non-potential Simulations 
Krzysztof Barczynski, Karen A. Meyer, Louise K. Harra, Duncan H. Mackay, Frederic Auchere, David Berghmans 
AA, 2022 (accepted) 

22. Solar coronal heating from small-scale magnetic braids 
L. P. Chitta, H. Peter, S. Parenti et al 
AA, 2022, 667, A166

21. Two-Spacecraft Detection of Short-period Decayless Kink Oscillation of Solar Corona Loops 
S. Zhong, V.M. Nakariakov, D.Y. Kolotkov, C. Verbeeck, D. Berghmans 
MNRAS, 2022

20. The Solar Orbiter EUI instrument: The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (Corrigendum) 
P. Rochus, et al 
AA, 2022  

19. The Lyman-alpha Emission in a C1.4 Solar Flare Observed by the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager aboard Solar Orbiter 
Ying Li, Qiao Li, De-Chao Song, Andrea Francesco Battaglia, Hualin Xiao, Sam Krucker, Udo Schuhle, Hui Li, Weiqun Gan,  and M. D. Ding, ApJ 2022 (accepted)

18. Observation of Magnetic Switchback in the Solar corona 
Daniele Telloni, Gary P. Zanik, Marco Stangalini et al, 
ApJ 2022 (accepted)

17. A highly dynamic small-scale jet in a polar coronal hole 
Sudip Mandal, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Hardi Peter, et al, 
AA 2022 (accepted) 

16. Prominence Eruption Observed in He~II 304 AA up to >6 Rsun by EUI/FSI aboard Solar Orbiter 
M. Mierla, A. Zhukov, D. Berghmans, et al, AA 2022 (accepted)

15.  Three-dimensional Magnetic and Thermodynamic Structures of Solar Microflares 
Z. F. Li, X. Cheng , F. Chen, J. Chen , and M. D. Ding

14. Moving structures in ultraviolet bright points: observations from Solar Orbiter/EUI 
Dong Li, AA 2022 (accepted)

13. Automatic detection of small-scale EUV brightenings observed by the Solar Orbiter/EUI 
N. Alipour, H. Safari, C. Verbeeck, D. Berghmans, F. Auchère, L.P. Chitta, P. Antolin, K. Barczynski, É. Buchlin, R. Aznar Cuadrado, L. Dolla, M.K. Georgoulis, et al. AA 2022


12. SolO/EUI Observations of Ubiquitous Fine-scale Bright Dots in an Emerging Flux Region: Comparison with a Bifrost MHD Simulation 
Sanjiv K. Tiwari, Viggo H. Hansteen, Bart De Pontieu, Navdeep K. Panesar and David Berghmans ApJ 2022 (accepted)

11. The Magnetic drivers of campfires seen by the Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (PHI) on Solar Orbiter 
Kahil, F., Hirzberger, J., Solanki, S.K. et al AA 2022 (accepted)

10. Propagating brightenings in small loop-like structures in the quiet Sun corona: Observations from Solar Orbiter/EUI 
Mandal, S., Peter, H., Chitta, L.P. et al AA Lett 2021

9. The first Coronal Mass Ejection observed in both visible-light and UV H I Ly-alpha channels of the Metis Coronagraph on board Solar Orbiter 
Andretta, V., Bemporad, A., De Leo, Y. et al AA 2021 

8. The Magnetic Origin of Solar Campfires 
Panesar, N., Tiwari, S.K., Berghmans, et al, ApJ 2021   

7. Capturing transient jets in the solar corona 
Chitta, L.P., Solanki, S.K., Peter, H et al, AA, 2021 

6. Stereoscopy of extreme UV quiet Sun brightenings observed by Solar Orbiter/EUI  
Zhukov, A., Mierla, M., Auchère, F. et al, A&A 2021

5. Coronal microjets in quiet-Sun regions observed with the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager onboard Solar Orbiter 
Zhenyong Hou, Hui Tan, D. Berghmans et al, A&A 2021 

4. Evidence for local particle acceleration in the first recurrent Galactic Cosmic Ray depression observed by Solar Orbiter. The ion event on 19 June 2020. 
A. Aran, D. Pacheco, M. Laurenza, et al, A&A 2021

3. Transient small-scale brightenings in the quiet solar corona: A model for campfires observed with Solar Orbiter 
Y. Chen, D. Przybylski, H. Peter, et al, A&A 2021

2.  Extreme-UV quiet Sun brightenings observed by the Solar Orbiter/EUI 
D. Berghmans, F. Auchère, D. M. Long, et al,  A&A 2021 

1. The Solar Orbiter EUI instrument: The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager 
P. Rochus, F. Auchere, D. Berghmans, et al, A&A 2020