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SIDC projects and activities

International Sunspot Index


World Data Center for the production, preservation and dissemination of the international sunspot number

Sunspot workshops - ISSI team (external link)

Recalibration of the sunspot number series


Findability and Accessibility of historical (1610-1980) Raw Sunspot Numbers

Space Weather forecasts

RWC Brussels

RWC Brussels provides daily space weather forecasts

PECASUS (external link)

The PECASUS consortium is one of the four global centers providing space weather advisories according to ICAO regulations.

Data visualisation


A software to display miscellaneous solar data from ground base and spaceborne observatories


EUHFORIA 2.0 (external link)

Solar wind modelling

Data Infrastructure

Solarnet Virtual Observatory (SVO)

The SVO collects the metadata from different solar observations in one catalogue letting you search across and access these solar datasets.

SDO datacenter

The Belgian SDO Data Center gives you easy access to data from the AIA and HMI instrument onboard the SDO satellite.


The Sustained and UNified Research Infrastructure for Solar data sErvices – SUNRISE project aims at building a common data infrastructure and improved data services both for the SIDC internally and for external users..

Image processing

Solar Demon

Flares, Dimmings and EUV waves event detection


Coronal mass ejections detection


Detection and characterization of active regions and coronal holes on EUV images


Characterization of active region time evolution in view of solar flare prediction

Ground based observations

Humain radioastronomy station

Solar dynamic spectra


Sunspot drawings; photospheric and chromospheric images from Uccle

Solarnet/spring (external link)

Development of the technical concepts for a world-wide distributed network of a suite of small, dedicated telescopes which observe the entire solar disk, in support for coordinated observations with the major infrastructures.

Space instruments


First Belgian space solar observatory


EUV imager onboard Solar Orbiter


Formation flying coronagraph

Deep learning


DEep Learning Prediction and Hindsight of Flare Initiation


Interconnection and valorisation of long-term solar datasets via deep learning