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SOLARNET Virtual Observatory


The SOLARNET Virtual Observatory, or SVO in short, collects metadata from as many solar observations as possible, especially those involved in the SOLARNET projects, in a common catalog and make them available to the scientific community.

Web app

The catalog is accessible through a web app. For example you can search the metadata across all datasets by selecting a start and end time and easily find overlapping data. Or you can search metadata within a specific dataset, and use more precise search condition, e.g; for the EIT dataset you can search on the science objective. You can even search solar events from the HEK database and then find data that overlap these events. You can preview the data* and of course download it*. (* If made available by the data providers)

We tried to make the app intuitive to navigate, but there is documentation if you need help.

Python library

The catalog is also accessible through a Python 3 library. This allows to write scripts to automatize data processing, but also to do more complex queries than what can be done with the web app.

Installing the Python library can easily be done with pip

pip install SOLARNET

from SOLARNET import datasets

# See all available datasets
for dataset in datasets:

# Get a specific dataset
eui_level_2 = datasets['EUI level 2']

# Filter the record in that dataset for February 2022 for the HRI_EUV detector
filtered_eui_level_2 = eui_level_2.filter('DATE-OBS', '2022 February', DETECTOR='HRI_EUV')

# Display the date of observation and the detector in that filtered dataset
for record in filtered_eui_level_2:
	print(record.metadata['DATE-OBS'], record.metadata['DETECTOR'])

# Download the data from the first record
record = filtered_eui_level_2[0]'/tmp')

.compile SOLARNET

; See all available datasets
datasets = get_datasets()
FOR i = 0, N_ELEMENTS(datasets) - 1 DO HELP, datasets[i]

; Get a specific dataset
datasets = get_datasets(name = 'Swap Level 1')
swap_dataset = datasets[0]

; Get some metadatas from the swap dataset
metadatas = get_metadatas(swap_dataset)
HELP, metadatas[0]

; Download the data corresponding to the metadata
PRINT, download_data(metadatas[0], dir = '/tmp')

IDL® Software

For the scientists using the IDL® Software, a library was developped to access the catalog and download the data.

To use the library, download the single file from github on your computer and compile it

.compile SOLARNET


If you are a software developper, the catalog is accessible through a RESTful API on which is based all the clients above. Through the API, it is possible to read but also write to the catalog.

If you want to add your own data to the catalog, let us know at and we will guide you through it.

All the documentation is accessible on the server

EU logo

The SVO is a service first supported by the SOLARNET project, funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Capacities Programme under the Grant Agreement 312495. Then made operational thanks to the SOLARNET2 project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement 824135.