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New Data pages with archive of past versions

After completing the new data files themselves, we are now finalizing the design of the new sections in our data pages. Indeed, although the new Sunspot Number will bring large improvements to the most prominent defects of the original series, it still contains more subtle or local inhomogeneities that will require more work for years to come. Therefore, in order to maintain a full history of present and future changes, we will now attach a new version number to each modification of the Sunspot Number time series. All past versions will be kept accessible in new "Archive" section of our data pages. Documentation files will be included with each version. In addition, as the recent revision also included the Group Number series, we will also make the new file available in a new dedicated "Group Number " section (NB: Currently, only annual means were determined). The recent analyses showed that although the re-calibrated Group and Sunspot number now largely follow the same variations, they contain a different information about the solar magnetic activity. Therefore, it seemed important to keep both series in parallel. Although the current Group number series stops in 2014, we plan to extend the series in the future, using data from our worldwide SILSO network and by the same method as the primary Sunspot Number series.