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OART gets its parabolic reflector

This week, a team of skilled engineers and technicians embarked on a important mission to the Humain Radio-Astronomy Station. Their primary objective was to install the meticulously refurbished mount and parabola for the Open Access Radio-Telescope (OART).

Equipped with their specialized knowledge and heavy-duty equipment, the engineers and technicians successfully executed the task of installing the mount on the pillar, creating a solid foundation for the subsequent installation of the parabolic reflector.

Finally, the team inserted the nearly 1500 kg counterweights into the mount's arms, strategically distributing the weight to achieve optimal balance and stability for the structure.

This important achievement represents a significant milestone in the overall completion of this project. It serves as a key step towards the realization of a remarkable goal: enabling students, amateurs, and the general public to engage in remote radio-astronomical observations.

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